Sephora re-opens 70 of its stores in 13 different states

Sephora will re-open 70 of its stores in 13 different states in America tomorrow. The Sephora press release says that, “[Sephora] has spent the last nine weeks developing its rigorous new safety and client service protocols, called ‘Sephora Health & Hygiene Guidelines,’ designed to protect employees and clients while safely and confidently providing support, expert advice, and a welcoming experience for all.”

The “Sephora Health & Hygiene Guidelines” will re-train Sephora employees. They will teach Sephora employee’s the store’s new safety protocol. There will be a new Sephora employee that separates each customer to abide by social-distancing protocol. Sephora will also undertake new hygiene measures. Sephora’s new restrictions include mandatory face-masks for all Sephora employees. It also includes temperature checks at the start and at the middle of every employee’s shift at work. Sephora registers will only be open at every-other-register to help employees and customers to keep to social distancing protocol.

The U.S. states that will open a limited number of Sephora stores are Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Georgia, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, and Alabama. I hope that your local Sephora is one of the 70 stores that will re-open tomorrow.

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