Hilary Duff has a “home birth” for her third child

Hilary recently gave birth to her third child. Her third child is a girl. Her name is “Mae James Bair.” Hilary had a “home birth” for her third child. A mid-wife is typically the professional who takes care of the mother during a “home birth.” “Home births” are said to make a mother feel more safe and comfortable than a mainstream birth at a hospital because the mother gives birth in the comfort of her home.

Hilary is married to Matthew Koma. Koma is a singer-songwriter and a record producer. She has two other children. Her first child is a boy who is named Luca Cruz Comrie. Luca Cruz Comrie is the son of Hilary’s first husband. Her first husband was named Mike Comrie. Her second child is also a boy who is named Banks Violet Bair.

Congratulations to Hilary on her third child…. to her daughter who is named “Mae James Bair.”

Always and forever,

10 thoughts on “Hilary Duff has a “home birth” for her third child”

  1. I loved Hilary on Disney’s Lizzie McGuire television series. I also loved her music. I wonder if she will make any more music after she’s settled with her baby, Mae.

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