Kirsten Dunst is pregnant

Kirsten Dunst tells W Magazine that she is pregnant. Kirsten Dunst is thirty-eight-years-old. This is Kirsten Dunst’s second child. Her first child is a boy who is named Ennis. He is four-years-old. The father of Kirsten’s children is named Jesse Plemons.

Kirsten met Plemons on the set of the television show that is named Fargo. Kristen and Plemons started dating after the two met on set.

This is great news for Kirsten. I hope everything goes well with her pregnancy.

Always and forever,

10 thoughts on “Kirsten Dunst is pregnant”

  1. The dress that she is wearing in this picture reminds me of the dresses that she wore on the Sophia Coppola movie that is named “The Virgin Suicides.” She played the character that is named “Lux.” That was one of the first movies that I watched with her acting in it. She was really good in it. It was a haunting but poignant movie.


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