Lauren Sorrentino is 8-months pregnant

Lauren Sorrentino is eight months pregnant. Lauren Sorrentino only has around one month more until she gives birth to her first child. Her first child is a boy.

Lauren Sorrentino is married to Michael Sorrentino. Michael Sorrentino is otherwise known as, “The Situation.” Michael Sorrentino gained this nickname on the MTV reality-television show that is named, “The Jersey Shore.” Michael Sorrentino and his wife have their own Youtube channel. The Youtube Channel is named, “The Situations.” You should check out the two’s Youtube channel.

I hope Lauren has a smooth and easy birth in the following month.

Always and forever,

6 thoughts on “Lauren Sorrentino is 8-months pregnant”

  1. This is awesome. I’m glad to see that The Situation has settled down with one woman that he loves and that he is starting a family. Nice one.

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