Drake Bell pleads guilty to charges against him

Drake Bell wearing a suit and tie: Cleveland Division of Police

Drake Bell is a Nickelodeon television actor. Bell was a child-star on the television show that was named “Drake and Josh.”

Bell was charged with attempted child endangerment and disseminating harmful substances to a minor. Bell first plead “not guilty” to the charges against him. However, he has recanted that stance. Bell plead guilty to the charge in court last Wednesday.

Bell faces up to six months to two years in prison. He may also be charged a fine up to five thousand dollars.

“If you go to prison, upon your release, you could be subjected to a discretionary period of three years post-release control,” said the judge.

Bell’s official sentencing hearing will happen on Monday July 12.

The incident in question took place on December 1, 2017. The incident was an inappropriate sexual interaction between Bell and a fifteen-year-old girl.

Bell’s arrest took place after his ex-girlfriend accused him of physical abuse. Bell’s ex-girlfriend is named Melissa Lingafelt.

Bell is thirty-five-years-old.

We will have to wait for July 12 to discover the judge’s final sentence for Bell.

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Summer Parker

10 thoughts on “Drake Bell pleads guilty to charges against him”

  1. I didn’t know that he was going to court to face that charge. It seems like it took some time for the court to follow up with the case.

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