Are you ready for “After Ever Happy?”

Are you in-love with the “After” books and movies? You’re not the only one.

“After” is a book series written by the author named Anna Todd. It became a series of Netflix movies years later. There are four “After” books written by Anna Todd and there will be four subsequent movies. The movies and books are named, “After,” “After We Collided,” “After We Fell,” and, finally, “After Ever Happy.”

The final Netflix movie in the series named, “After Ever Happy,” will be out in movie theaters on September 7, 2022.

The “After” books and movies are about a young woman named Teresa (Tessa) Young and Hardin Scott. Teresa enters college and meets an aloof and a rebellious boy named Hardin Scott. At first the two hate one another. But later Hardin seems to grow fonder of Teresa. The two apparently hit-it-off and become an item.

The question of what truly brought the two together unfolds later. So will Tessa and Hardin ever really figure-it-out? “After Ever Happy” is the movie that wraps up the question.

The final “After” book named “After Ever Happy” is already in stores. So if you want to see what happens before September, then, you can pick-up a book and find out for yourself.

I love the “After” books and the Netflix movies. Tessa and Hardin’s relationship is one of my favorite relationships to read about and to see on the red Netflix screen.

I will be eagerly awaiting the final movie, “After Ever Happy,” when it comes out in September.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

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