Kristen Cavallari unleashes The Untamed Collection

Kristen Cavallari was the star of the hit-MTV reality television show named Laguna Beach. Now, Kristen unleashes The Untamed Collection. The Untamed Collection is a collection of jewelry from Kristen’s jewelry line named Uncommon James.

Kristen just released her Untamed Collection campaign to accompany her jewelry release. She releases a short campaign commercial that showcases the wilds of Joshua Tree to go with her “Untamed” theme.

Kristen is seen taking drinks and kissing Tyler Cameron in this commercial. The commercial references scenes from the television show named Gossip Girl. The television show is referenced when Kristen and Cameron are wrapped up with one another and kiss on a bar.

The commercial also references the cult-popular movie named Kill Bill. You can see the connection between the different scenes in the commercial and the movie… specifically, when Kristen weds Cameron in a small church.

Kristen shows-off her Untamed jewelry line in this campaign. She showcases her Uncommon James layered earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Check-out the pictures of some of the jewelry in Kristen’s Untamed Collection for Uncommon James below:

The Untouchable Huggie earrings are $52.

The Staple Chain Necklace is $58.

The Turn It Up Chain Necklace is $62.

The First Impressions Chain Bracelet is $62.


This looks to be a great addition to Kristin’s jewelry line named Uncommon James. I can’t wait to see what she is up to next.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

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