Nickelodeon Exec named Dan Schneider is accused of sexual misconduct

The Nickelodeon Executive who is named Dan Schneider was accused of being complicit of inappropriate sexual misconduct. Schneider is the executive who was in charge of Nickelodeon television shows like iCarly, Sam & Cat, Zoey 101, and Victorious. Schneider was accused of sexual misconduct in Jennette McCurdy’s recently released memoir. Jennette’s memoir is named, “I’m Glad My Mom Died.”

In Jennette’s memoir, she states a figure named “The Creator” was involved in a serious of sexual inappropriate behavior. Jennette states that “The Creator” texted the under-aged stars of the television shows that he worked on. She also states that Schneider pressured her to consume alcohol when she was underage. Finally, Jennette says that she was forced to pose in a bikini when she was uncomfortable with doing so.

Another Nickelodeon actress named Alexis Nickolas said that on the television show named Zoey 101, the star of the show named Jamie Lynn Spears was squirted with white goo over-and-over again by Schneider and others. Jamie Lynn Spears is the younger sister of Britney Spears. Schneider was not appeased until Jamie Lynn was shot in the head with the white goo. A colleague at the shoot then said, “It’s like a cum shot.”

Danielle Monet is an actress on the television show named Victorious. She played the role of Trina Vega. In one scene, Danielle was forced to eat a hot dog. She was uncomfortable with the scene because of its sexual connotations. However, Schneider did not care.

Other sources have said that Schneider also gave hugs to the young teen stars that were too long. They also said that Schneider was in charge of scenes like the one that Danielle described.

“It’s an imbalance of power,” said someone who was a part of the iCarly television show. “Jennette [McCurdy] felt it, the designer felt it, I felt it, all of us feel it.”

There was also an investigation done that was focused on Schneider by ViacomCBS in the year of 2018. The investigation discovered that Schneider was verbally abusive to people that he worked with on his television shows. A New York Times journalist also interviewed those who knew Schneider three years later. The journalist stated that the colleagues of Schneider felt uncomfortable when he texted the young teen actors. His colleagues also said that they needed to walk-on-eggshells when they were around him.

Schneider has denied all the allegations against him.

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