Two women sue DeMario Jackson for sexual assault

The “Bachelorette” contestant who is named DeMario Jackson is sued for sexual assault by two women. The names of the two women are undisclosed.

One women states that she met Jackson on a dating app. She went out on a date with Jackson on February 2018. Later that night Jackson was let into the plaintiff’s home while Jackson was drunk.

The plaintiff stated that in the evening while she slept Jackson climbed on top of her and raped her. The plaintiff describes the incident and states that she was in excruciating pain from the rape.

The second plaintiff states that she met Jackson on a social media app and the two proceeded to go out on a date on July 2020. The two met at Jackson’s home.

The plaintiff states that throughout the evening Jackson pressured her to have anal sex. Later that night the two proceeded to do so; however, the plaintiff told Jackson to extricate himself from her. He did not do so. After the first incident, he once again proceeded to rape her for the second time that evening.

Jackson denies these allegations.

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