A 1990’s gangster rapper named Coolio dies

Coolio was a popular rapper of gangster rap from the 1990’s era. Coolio died today at the age of fifty-nine-years-old.

The cause of Coolio’s death is un-disclosed to the media.

Coolio was found dead in the bathroom of a friend’s home. His friend called for help when he discovered his prone body. When the paramedics arrived on the scene they pronounced the rapper as dead.

Coolio may be most known for his song, “Gangsta’s Paradise.” The song was released in the year 1995. He also rapped the opening track for the Nickelodeon television show named “Kenan and Kel.” The song was titled, “Aw! Here it Goes.”

Coolio’s real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

4 thoughts on “A 1990’s gangster rapper named Coolio dies”

  1. I remember the song “Gangsta’s Paradise.” It was the theme song for the movie named Dangerous Minds that stared Michelle Pfeifier.


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