Aaron Carter dies

Aaron Carter was found dead in his home today. Aaron Carter was thirty-four-years-old. Aaron was found dead in his pool by a neighbor. Aaron’s neighbor suspected that someone drowned in the pool and called the paramedics who arrived at the scene. Aaron was immediately pronounced to be dead by the paramedics that arrived there.

Aaron Carter had difficulties in his life for a number of years prior to his death. He was known to be addicted to drugs and was in a rehabilitation center before his death. Aaron lost custody of his son because of his issues with drugs and because of stories of Aaron’s physical abuse against his ex-fiancé. His son is named Prince Carter. His ex-fiancé named Melanie Martin gained custody of Prince because of these allegations.

Aaron Carter lived in Lancaster, California where he died. His older brother is Nick Carter who is a band-member of the 1990’s pop group named, “The Backstreet Boys.” He began to perform on the stage at the age of seven-years-old. His album named “Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It)” was wildly popular with young pre-teens across America. He was also on the E! television network as a part of the television show named, “House of Carter,” in the year 2006. He was on the “House of Carter” with his brother, Nick Carter, and also with his other family members.

This is sad news to hear. Many people may still remember Aaron Carter from his or her younger years in middle-school. I have the best wishes for Aaron’s family.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

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