Rihanna performs at the Half-Time show at Super Bowl LVII

Rihanna seems to be back in the public eye. Rihanna was the Half-Time Show performer at yesterday’s Super Bowl LVII. Last Sunday’s Super Bowl was between the Chief’s of Kansas City and the Eagles of Philadelphia.

Rihanna was scheduled to perform at this year’s Half-Time Show in September 2022. She sang a medley of her songs at the Super Bowl game. She sang a medley of fourteen songs in total. This includes her popular hits like: We Found Love, Umbrella, and Diamonds.

Seth Dudowsky is the NFL head-of-music. He had this to say about Rihanna: “Rihanna is a once-in-a-generation artist who has been a cultural force throughout her career.”

Rihanna also made headlines not only for being the performer for the Half-Time Show yesterday but also because she performed while she was pregnant. Rhianna’s baby-bump was visible in her bright red monochromatic outfit throughout her entire performance. This is the first time that news of her pregnancy reached public ears. This will be Rihanna’s second child.

Another thing to note is the fact that this is the first Super Bowl Half-Time Show that was not sponsored by Pepsi in over a decade. Apple Music was the new sponsor for the Super Bowl LVII’s Half-Time Show.

There were rumors that Taylor Swift may have been the preferred performer at the Half-Time Show rather than Rihanna. However, Taylor has a long-term business relationship with the Coca-Cola brand and because the Super Bowl Half-Time Show was sponsored by Pepsi for over-a-decade she was unable to be a part of the event.

Did you watch Rihanna’s Half-Time Show performance? What did you think?

Always and forever,
Summer Parker


6 thoughts on “Rihanna performs at the Half-Time show at Super Bowl LVII”

  1. I usually like Rihanna’s music but I wasn’t too impressed with her performance. I wonder if she has any new music that she plans to release sometime soon.


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