Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn break-up

[left] Taylor Swift [right] Matty Healy

Taylor Swift, 33, has broken-up with her boyfriend of around seven years. Her present-day-ex is a man named Joe Alwyn, 32.

Alwyn was recently seen at the Cannes film festival. This is the first time that people have spied Alwyn since the news of the break-up spread throughout different media outlets. These news outlets say that Taylor and Alwyn broke-up weeks before the start of Taylor’s Worldwide Era’s Tour.

Taylor herself has been busy since the break-up. Taylor now dates a man named Matty Healy, 34. Matty Healy is the frontman for the band named 1975.

Despite Taylor’s quick jump to her next relationship, news outlets say that the Swift and Alwyn break-up ended amicably between the two celebrities. “The relationship had just run its course,” said an insider from the Entertainment Tonight news outlet.

I wish good-luck to Taylor regarding this new relationship.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker


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