The new Barbie teaser trailer is out now

Barbie has come to life.

A new Barbie movie will be out next summer. The Barbie movie stars Margot Robbie as Barbie. You might know Margot Robbie as Naomi in the movie, The Wolf of Wallstreet. Ryan Gosling also stars in this movie.

The new Barbie movie will be hitting your screen on Friday, July 21.

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Summer Parker

The new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 is just released

There is a trailer that is out for the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 movie. The movie stars Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldaña. Chris Pratt is Peter Quill. Zoe Saldaña is Gamora.

The new movie is set when the Guardians of the Galaxy crew return to Earth after being in space for years.

It seems that Earth has changed… a lot.

The movie will be out next spring. It will be released on Friday, May 5.

Hold on to your seats. This looks like another great one.

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Summer Parker

A new Indiana Jones movie is set to be released next summer

There is some good news for Indiana Jones fans out there. There is a new Indiana Jones movie that will be released in the summertime. It is called Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. The movie will be the fifth Indiana Jones movie. Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Indiana Jones.

There are four Indiana Jones movies. The last Indiana Jones movie that was made is named Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Harrison Ford also reprised his role in that film.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will be released on Friday, June 30.

Will you be in movie theaters?

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Summer Parker

The Danny Masterson sexual assault trial does not have a verdict

Danny Masterson, 46, faces three counts of sexual assault. Danny Masterson was Steven Hyde on the television show named, “That 70’s Show.”

The court was unable to reach a verdict. The jury for the court case debated for two days but could not come to a conclusion regarding the case. That means that Danny Masterson’s case is a mis-trial. The case will return for a re-trial on March 2023.

Danny Masterson was accused of sexual assault on March 2017. He was charged with three counts of rape on June 2020.

One woman who accuses Danny Masterson of sexual assault said this on the stand: “I was unconscious. When I came to, he was still on top of me. I couldn’t breathe.”

This is what the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office had to say about the mis-trial: “While we are disappointed with the outcome of this trial, we thank the jurors for their service.

We also want to give our heartfelt appreciation to the victims for bravely stepping forward and recounting their harrowing experiences. We are also thankful for the hard work of the prosecution team and we will now consider our next steps as it relates to prosecuting this case.”

Hopefully, the new jury in the next trial will be able to come to a decision regarding the case.

Disney CEO is fired and re-hires predecessor named Bob Iger

[left] Bob Chapek [right] Bob Iger

The man named Bob Chapek renewed his contract to be the CEO of Disney in July.  However, recent scandal led to Chapek being fired by the Board of Directors to the Disney Company.  As a result, the man named Bob Iger replaces Chapek.  Iger retired as the CEO of Disney two years ago but was asked to return as the Head of Disney now that Chapek is gone. 

Iger received a “mandate” from the Board of Directors to Disney that Iger would be able to, “set the strategic direction for renewed growth and to work closely with the Board in developing a successor to lead the Company at the completion of his term.”

“I am extremely optimistic for the future of this great company and thrilled to be asked by the Board to return as its CEO,” said Bob Iger.

Chapek was fired from his position as the CEO of Disney because of a fight that unfolded between Chapek and the Governor of Florida.  The Governor of Florida is a man named Governor Ron DeSantis. 

DeSantis supported Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill.  The Bill, “prohibits teaching gender ideology and sexual orientation in kindergarten through third-grade classrooms.”

Chapek did not support this.  He wanted the Bill to be repealed. 

As a result, DeSantis stripped Disney of its “independent special district” status.  DeSantis said that Disney would face further repercussions if Disney made moves to destroy DeSantis’s agenda.

Rumor says that Disney added back a “gay scene” in the recent CGI movie named Light-Year when the two same-sex characters kiss.

It looks like Disney faces many new changes and challenges now and in the future.

News about The Walking Dead spin-offs

The Walking Dead ended on November 20. It may be difficult to get your zombie-horror-fix now that it’s over. However, you don’t need to fear. There is still The Walking Dead spin-off named, “Fear the Walking Dead.” And… there’s more.

There will be a spin-off to The Walking Dead planned for the future. The spin-off stars Norman Reedus who is Daryl Dixon. The Harry Potter actor named Clémence Poésy and the actor named Adam Nagaitis will be in the cast. This new spin-off will be released in the year 2023.

There is also another spin-off in the works as well. This spin-off stars Andrew Lincoln who is Rick Grimes. It also stars Danai Gurira who is Michonne. This new spin-off has six episodes to start. This new spin-off is said to be released around the year 2023.

It looks like The Walking Dead is far from truly over.

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Summer Parker

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Break-up

Harry Styles, 28, is a popular singer who was once in the band named One Direction. He has since moved on and makes his own independent music. Olivia Wilde, 38, is an actress. Now, the two broke-up. The two dated for around two years.

“He is now touring and is now going aboard. She is focused on her kids and her work in Los Angeles. It was a very amicable decision. They are very close friends,” said someone who knows the two. “Right now, they have different priorities that keep them apart from one another.”

Styles and Olivia Wilde began to date once Olivia Wilde broke-up with her fiancé who is named Jason Sudeikis. Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde were together for around two decades. They have two children together. The two have a boy named Otis and a daughter named Daisy.

Styles and Olivia Wilde met on the set of the movie named, “Don’t Worry Darling.”

There are plenty of fish in the sea. I hope that the two find the right partner for each of them in the future.

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Summer Parker

The red carpet looks at the American Music Awards of 2022

McKenzie Ziegler wears a suede short black dress with a high slit. She wears black high-heeled shoes to match.

Meghan Trainor wears a neon pink suit with sparkles. She wears a flared pair of neon pink pants.

Liz Koshy wears a black and white dress with an exposed décolleté. Her dress has black and white balloon sleeves. She wears black thigh-high boots.

Charlie Puth wears a light yellow suit.

Becky G wears a short black dress with a long train. The dress has an exaggerated embellishment on her shoulder.

Tinashe wears a two piece outfit. She wears a white crop-top shirt. She wears a long black skirt. She finishes off the look with long-sleeved gloves.

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Nick Cannon’s girlfriend named Abby de la Rosa gives birth

Nick Cannon is the father of ten children. Now, his girlfriend named Abby de la Rosa just gave birth to his eleventh child. The child is a boy. His name is “Zeppelin.”

Nick Cannon’s ex-girlfriend who is named Alyssa Scott is also pregnant at this time.

Nick Cannon already has two children with Abby de la Rosa. The children are twins. The twins’s names are: “Zillion” and “Zion,” sixteen-months-old.

This is what Nick Cannon had to say about the birth of his son: “A BEAUTIFUL DAY for ‘BEAUTIFUL ZEPPELIN CANNON’ to arrive. Mommy @hiabbydelarosa you make it ALL look so easy and effortless but I am forever indebted to your tireless work of constant dedication, diligent effort and selfless love that you give to our children and myself.”

Nick Cannon has many other children with a number of other women. Nick Cannon was previously married to Mariah Carey. Mariah gave birth to twins that are named “Moroccan” and “Monroe,” eleven-years-old.

A woman named Bre Tiesi gave birth to Cannon’s son named, “Legendary,” four-months-old. LaNisha Nicole gave birth to Cannon’s daughter named “Onyx,” one-month-old. Brittany Bell gave birth to Cannon’s three children named, “Golden,” five-years-old; “Powerful Queen,” 22-months-old; and “Rise,” one-month-old.

This is great news… and Cannon still has one more child along the way. Congrats.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

The second season of the Gossip Girl reboot is greenlit

There is a new chapter in Gossip Girl history. It is the Gossip Girl-reboot television show that is available to watch on HBO Max. This Gossip Girl television show is about a new cast of characters.

Joshua Safran is the show-runner of the new television show. This is what he had to say: “I wish there was the proper word because it isn’t a remake, isn’t a reboot. It truly is just years after the original. I kind of look at it as sort of what Marvel does or the DC Universe. You’re just looking at a different angle inside the universe.”

A number of fans wonder if the old cast-of-characters will make a cameo appearance on this new television show. The answer is ‘no.’ This is what Safran says:

“We made a decision early on — and I was nervous about this decision, but definitely came to believe it was right — that the audience would never accept these characters if they were in the shadow of the original characters. They’re already in the shadow of the original characters, but if the original characters were there with them in some way, why would you want to briefly get to know Zoya if you suddenly can see Nate?”

Safran says that the new season of the television show will be about the second semester of the crew’s school year. It will conclude with a prom episode. The first new episode of the second season will be out on HBO Max on Thursday, December 1.

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Summer Parker