Celine Dion may be anorexic

Celine Dion’s latest photograph shows the singer as she looks gaunt and sickly. The photograph may show the singer in the midst of an eating-disorder.

Celine Dion is a famous singer who is best-known for her song, “My Heart Will Go On.” “My Heart Will Go On” is a song composed for the 1997 movie named Titanic.

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The Duchess Catherine makes an announcement

The Duchess Catherine of Great Britain was recently on television. She spoke on the 56th Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. The winner of the award is a man named Sergey Gorshkov. The Duchess Catherine was seen on location at London’s Natural History Museum. She wore a black power-suit that is unlike her usual attire. She was also seen with honey-brown locks. The hairstyle was different than The Duchess’ usual hairstyle.

The Duchess Catherine looked-to-be as lady-like and as classy as ever. Stay tuned for more news on The Royals.

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Logan Lerman is seen with a new hair-look

Logan Lerman was recently spotted with a new look. Now, his dark-brown hair is peppered with white and gray locks. Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic has affected him negatively. Lerman is 28-years-old.

Lerman is known for his starring roles in the Percy Jackson movies. He made two Percy Jackson movies. The first movie is simply named Percy Jackson. The second movie is named Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Lerman is also known for his starring role in the movie that is named The Perks of being a Wallflower. Emma Watson also starred in that movie. Watson is most-known for her movie roles in the Harry Potter series.

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Pink shows-off a picture with her and her daughter who wears the same hair-style

Pink showed-off a picture of her and her daughter Willow Sage earlier this month. Willow Sage is nine-years-old. She cut her hair in the same hair-style as her mother, Pink.

Pink has two children. Willow is the oldest child. Pink’s second child is named Jameson. He is three-years-old. Pink married a man named Carey Hart. Hart is a free-style motor-crossing racer and motorcycle racer. This is what Hart wrote about his daughter.

“My sweet daughter, Willow. Where do I start? You have shown me what love of a child is all about. You changed my life from the moment your mama was pregnant. I always wanted to be a father and thank you for choosing me as your papa. You impress me everyday you walk this planet.

“You are smart, thoughtful, compassionate, full-off-piss, and vinegar, physical, and a little smart-ass! One of the biggest joys I have with you is watching you grow into your own independent person each day that passes. You are gonna change the world one day, Munchkin. I could not be more proud and in love with you.”

Pink and Hart were married in 2006. Pink and her husband had two breaks during his and her marriage. They separated for one year. Then, they separated for eleven-months. However, they reconciled. They are happily married to this day.

Pink is known for her singing career. She has eight albums out. Her latest album was launched in 2019. Her album was named Hurts 2B Human.

I love Pink’s music. She’s a great singer. You should definitely check-out her music as soon as you can.

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Ashley Benson shows-off new tattoo

Ashley Benson debuts a new tattoo. The tattoo is a picture of a small milkshake. The tattoo is located on the inside part of Benson’s arm. It sits near a tattoo of a star. It also sits near a tattoo of the word, “Grammy.” “Grammy” stands for Benson’s grandmother.

Benson has 14-tattoos in total. Benson has a cross tattoo and a number tattoo on her wrist. She has an anchor tattoo on her wrist and an initial tattoo on her wrist. She has a roman numeral tattoo on her finger and a roman numeral tattoo on her stomach. She has a heart tattoo on her finger and an initial tattoo on her finger. She has a script tattoo on her side. She has a star tattoo on her forearm and a script tattoo on her upper-arm. She has a heart and a initial tattoo on her forearm. She has a smiley-face tattoo on her finger. She also has the “Grammy” tattoo on the inside of her arm that I mentioned. The final tattoo that she has is the new milkshake tattoo on the inside of her forearm.

Ashley Benson is known for her television-role on the hit-show named Pretty Little Liars. She plays the role of the main character named Hannah Marin.

Maybe Ashley was bored during this pandemic and decided to get a new tattoo to change-things-up… who knows?

Always and forever,

Lana Condor is the new face of Neutrogena

Lana Condor is now the new face of the skin-care brand named Neutrogena. She is the beauty ambassador for the Neutrogena brand. This is what Condor had to say about her new role as Neutrogena’s beauty ambassador: “I am BEYOND thrilled to finally announce I am the newest face and brand ambassador for @neutrogena!!! I am thrilled to partner with Neutrogena 😍😭. I’ve waited so long to tell you all the news and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share. I have been a true fan of the brand for as long as I’ve known about skincare and it’s truly an honor to be able to work with them! Here we go!”

Condor says that her love for Neutrogena products started when she was a little girl. She says that her mother kept Neutrogena sun-screen with her at all times. She also says that she was a frequent user of Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes. Condor was a dancer. She said that she used the Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes to remove her make-up after she danced.

Condor is well-known for her movie-role in the Netflix-television movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. She plays the girl named Lara-Jean Covey.

This is great news for Lana Condor!

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Beverley Mitchell gives birth to a daughter

Beverley Mitchell gave birth to her third child in early July. Her daughter is named Mayzel Josephine. Mitchell calls her new baby her, “gold at the end the rainbow.” Mayzel Josephine is a welcomed addition to the family since Mitchell miscarried on November 2018.

Mitchell said, “If I didn’t miscarry I would have a baby, possibly two babies joining our family. Though I understand in my heart that this was not our path I can’t help but wonder. Through this process I have come to terms with it and have been okay; I talk about it often just because I don’t want to hide the fact that it happened. I had a miscarriage.

I am not looking for sympathy, just the acknowledgement that it happened because what hurts the most, at least for me, is the dismissal of it… So to all of you that are suffering know that it is okay to take time to feel it all. Give yourself a minute. Sometimes life sucks but in the same breath life can be pure MAGIC. So let yourself feel, but also allow yourself to be open to the beauty and the magic, too. Because in the darkness there is beauty of the light!”

Mitchell played the third eldest daughter on the eleven-season hit-television show named 7th Heaven. Her name is Lucy Camden. Lucy later becomes a pastor of her family church at the end of the television show.

Congratulations to Beverley!

Always and forever,

Naya Rivera’s body found floating in the water

Naya Rivera, 33, went missing last Wednesday. She was lost at a lake in California named Lake Piru. Her son was with her when she went missing. Now, Rivera’s body was found. “She mustered enough energy to get her son back onto the boat, but not enough to save herself,” said Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub.

Rivera’s body was found floating on the northeast region of Lake Piru. That part of the lake was over thirty-five to sixty feet deep. Her body was found after around six-days of searching. The Ventura County Coroner’s Office will finish identifying the body that the police found by using dental records.

Naya Rivera played the character named Santana Lopez on the Fox network television show named Glee. Her other two cast-members named Corey Monteith, 31, and Mark Salling, 35, are also dead. Monteith died from a drug-overdose. Salling committed suicide.

Her death is a horrible tragedy. My prayers go-out to her friends and to her family.

Always and forever,

Glee star Naya Rivera is presumed dead

Naya Rivera, 33, is presumed dead since this Wednesday. The actress named Naya Rivera played the character named Santana Lopez on the Fox network television show named Glee. Rivera was on a boat with her son last Wednesday when she went missing. People believe that she is lost and is now dead.

Rivera went on a boating trip on Lake Piru in Ventura County, California last Wednesday. She went on the boating trip at around 1 p.m. After around three hours later a boater found Rivera’s boat floating on the lake. Rivera was missing from the boat. Her four-year-old son named Josey Hollis Dorsey was asleep on the boat.

Search and rescue teams commenced their search once it was confirmed that Rivera was missing. There were air teams and dive teams looking for Rivera. More than 80-people searched for Rivera. Search teams began their search on Wednesday and stopped later that evening. They continued their search on Thursday at first light.

Authorities said that the search changed from a search and rescue mission to a search and recovery mission on Thursday. “We’re presuming that an accident happened and we’re presuming she drowned in the lake,” said the Deputy Chris Dyer at a press conference Thursday. “We hope for the best, we prepare for the worst.”

Rivera’s boat was found on the north side of the lake. The depth of the lake can be anywhere around six feet to forty-feet deep. Rivera’s boat was a rented boat. It was a pontoon boat with a deck cover. Deputy Dyer said that it was common for people to go out onto the lake in the middle of the week because there are fewer people out on the lake.

Rivera’s son told authorities that her mother went swimming but did not return to the boat.

Dorsey had a life-vest on when the authorities found him. There was an adult life-vest that was left on the boat.

Rivera’s son is healthy. He is staying with his family.

Rivera was on the Fox network show named Glee from 2009 to 2015.

This is tragic news. My prayers go-out to Rivera’s son and out to her family.

Always and forever,

Maddie Ziegler is the new face of Morphe Cosmetics

You may know of the dancer Maddie Ziegler. She is the lead dancer on the show, Dance Moms. Now, Maddie is the new face of Morphe Cosmetics. Maddie’s collection comes out today. The collection includes a 20-pan eye-shadow palette. It also includes a highlighter stick, lip kits, cheek kits, and lip gloss.

This is what Maddie had to say about her new Morphe Cosmetics make-up collection. “As a dancer, it came in handy knowing what products have long-lasting factors to them, so I needed to make sure all of my products could do that. Also, I’m a very visual person, so the Imagination Palette was a vision I saw and it came to life.”

You should come back to this website soon for more updates like this one.

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