Nordstrom Rack has a designer purse sale that is up-to 60% off

Just because the coronavirus pandemic has shut-down most stores for the time being, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop shopping. Right now there is a sale at Nordstrom Rack with purses that are up-to 60%-off. The purses that are on-sale include Michael Kors purses, Marc Jacobs purses, and Kate Spade purses. You can even shop for a Mother’s Day present that is coming-up in a few weeks. Check out some of the designer bags that are on-sale below.

This Michael Kors purse is $129.97.
This Marc Jacobs purse is $144.97.
This Kate Spade purse is $79.97.

I hope you enjoy this on-line sale. I hope you have a good week.

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Noah Centineo is single again

If you love Netflix like me, then, you might know about the Netflix-hit movie named, To All the Boys You’ve Loved Before and its sequel, P.S. I Still Love You. In both of these movies there is a main character named Peter Kavinsky. Kavinsky is played by the actor named Noah Centineo.

Hold onto your hats, ladies, because right now Centineo is single. He recently broke-up with his girlfriend, Alexis Ren. Ren is a model. The two began to date in 2019; however, they made their relationship official to the public in October. Centineo and Ren posted many photographs together on social media. However, now they have un-followed each other on his and her various social media platforms.

Centineo dated two other women before he dated Ren. First, he dated Kelli Burgland. Burgland were on a show named Lab Rats. The next person Centineo dated before he dated Ren is an actress named Angeline Appel. Centineo and Appel dated each other for two years before they broke-up.

Centineo is also known for his role as Jesus Adams Foster on the hit-television show named The Fosters. He was also known for his role as Hawk in the social-media show named T@gged. Finally, Centineo is also in the popular teen movie The Perfect Date as the main character named Brooks Rattigan.

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Demi Lovato says she is willing to have children with either a man or a woman

Demi Lovato is on the news for her song, I Love Me. She is also on the news for her cover picture on the Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Now, Demi Lovato causes waves with her proclamation that she is willing to have children with either a man or a woman. Lovato says, “When I imagine my life in the future, I don’t say, ‘I’m looking for a man who I want to have two or three kids with.’ I think it could be so much fun to share children with a woman… So, I don’t know what my future will look like, and I’m open to anything.”

Lovato explained recently that she thinks of herself as, “sexually fluid.” Lovato came out to her parents in 2017. Lovato said, “After everything was done, I was, like, shaking and crying, and I just felt overwhelmed. My dad was like, ‘Yeah, obviously,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, okay, Dad.’ My mom was the one that I was, like, super nervous about, but she was just like, ‘I just want you to be happy.'”

Lovato also stated that she thinks it is okay to love people even if they are the same gender as yourself. She says, “You can find [love] in any gender. I like the freedom of being able to flirt with whoever I want.”

It is rumored that Lovato is dating a man named Max Ehrich.

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America Ferrera is pregnant

The actress, America Ferrera, is pregnant. In an instagram post she talks about how she wants all mothers out there to be strong during this current time period because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

America Ferrera says on her instagram post, “As this baby grows inside and I attempt to breathe through the fears and unknowns of this time, I am thinking of all you other mamas bringing new life into this world right now. And also of all the women across generations and centuries and borders who have and are currently birthing new life in the midst of so many extraordinary and daunting circumstances. Life is a miracle, and mamas make it possible through their strength and power. Hang in there pregnant mamas! We got this.”

America Ferrera is known for her roles in the movies, Real Women Have Curves and The Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants movies.

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Demi Moore will be in the new dystopian film named Brave New World

Brave New World has finished wrapping in Hollywood. Brave New World is a dystopian movie about a futuristic world where things are not what they seem. In this false utopian society, monogamy, privacy, money, and family are banned.

Demi Moore is one of the lead characters in the movie. She plays the character named Linda. Jessica Brown Findlay, who is well-known for her role in the television series, Downtown Abbey, is one of the main characters in the film. The character she plays is named Lenina Crowe. Harry Lloyd is another main character in the film who is well-known for his role in the television show Game of Thrones. He plays the character named Bernard Max. Finally, Alden Ehrenreich, who is well-known for his role in the movie, Solo, is another character in the movie. He plays the character named John the Savage.

Brave New World is a movie based off of the classic novel by the same name. The author of the book Brave New World is Aldous Huxley. The movie closely follows the plot of the book.

The movie, Brave New World wrapped filming at the end of March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the studio hopes to release the movie some time this year.

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Welcome to Summer Parker’s Entertainment News and Gossip

Hello. My name is Summer Parker. I am a twenty-one-year-old journalist and a writer. This is my entertainment news website. On this blog I will talk about entertainment news and entertainment gossip. I will talk about fashion, about make-up and about style. I will discuss the newest trends. I will talk about the newest movies. I will talk about the newest music.

I hope you join me on this wild ride.

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Summer Parker

Demi Lovato talks about her friendship with Ariana Grande and her falling-out with Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato will grace the cover of May’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Lovato wears an orange dress in the photograph. Lovato also has an interview in the magazine. One of the things Lovato talks about is her new friendship with the female pop-star, Ariana Grande. Lovato says, “I love the fact that Ariana and I have such a supportive friendship because it’s hard to find.

Two women who are in a competitive industry—the whole world seems to want to pit women against each other, so it would be so easy to do that. I always long for friendships with women. I think it’s so sacred. And actually, late last year, the night of the winter solstice, I had about 16 girls [for a] group meditation, and we set our intentions for the New Year. It was so beautiful, and that divine feminine energy is what has picked me up and carried me through some of my darkest times.”

Lovato continues to say that even though she is good friends with Grande, she is no longer close friends with the former-Disney star, Selena Gomez. “When you grow up with somebody, youI’re always going to have love for them. But I’m not friends with [Selena Gomez]… I will always have love for her, and I wish everybody nothing but the best.”

However, Lovato tries to live her own life on her own terms. Lovato says, “My life motto was ‘powering through it.’ But when you power through your life all day, every day for 10-years, you’re ignoring all that pain or you’re just trying not to self-destruct… It’s not really living. I’m feeling it out as things go,” Lovato adds. “But I finally feel free.”

Lovato has a new music video out for her song named, “I Love Me.” You should check-it out.

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