Tom Holland executive produces his new show named The Crowded Room

You may know Tom Holland for his movie role in the new Spider-Man franchise. Tom Holland plays Peter Parker, the unassuming and charismatic young Spider-Man, in that movie franchise.

Now, Tom Holland is in a new film named The Crowded Room… a film that he helped to executive produce.

The Crowded Room is about a young man named Danny Sullivan who the police suspect has something to do with a shooting that the police are investigating.

Amanda Seyfried also stars in this film. Seyfried plays a police officer who interrogates Danny. “What are you not telling me?” questions Seyfried. “What are you not telling yourself?”

This movie is an AppleTV+ thriller. The Crowded Room will be available to be watched on Friday, June 9 on the AppleTV+ television streaming platform.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker


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